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It’s starting to look a bit like Thanksgiving

on November 23, 2014

This year we are hosting our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and in our new home. We are hosting family members from both sides of the family. It will be a tight squeeze but it should be a great time.

Phase 1 of the Thanksgiving grocery shop.

Phase 1 of the Thanksgiving grocery shop.

I did the initial grocery shop this weekend and was a bit disturbed by how much butter I needed to buy! Yikes. Dinner will be delicious but far from a healthy meal. It’s very important to me to satisfy all of the Thanksgiving cravings of our guests. Besides the star of the show there will be three types of potatoes, three different types of stuffings, two gravies (homemade and store bought) and pie, pie and more pie. Oh, and a couple vegetables, of course. And for my nephew, who I adore, there will be plain pasta and dino nuggets. What my little guy wants, my little guy gets! To make sure I can make all of this wonderful food we decided now was the time to update the appliances (yay!). My new double-oven and dishwasher will be well loved by the end of this week! To say I am excited about hosting this year is an understatement. As much as I am loving watching my Pats on this lazy Sunday afternoon I so wish I could be in the kitchen starting to prepare the food.

One thing you have to know about me is I am a planner. I have list upon list outlined in my beloved Levenger notebook. There are lists for the grocery store, lists for Target (swoon…Target) and lists of to-dos around the house. There is even a list of which serving piece is for which delectable side dish. See…a planner. I am taking Tuesday and Wednesday off to putter around the house and start making whatever I can ahead of time.  I.cannot.wait.

3 responses to “It’s starting to look a bit like Thanksgiving

  1. BarbaraHolt says:

    Can’t wait for the delicious meal!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tish g says:

    Have agreat day Jen and Mike and all of the family I like your blog


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