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Curling the bird

on December 1, 2014

Today was an interesting day.  It started with a call from the gas company (after 4 calls made to them) to tell us that they can’t fix the heat until Thursday…three days from now.  Definitely a less than ideal situation.  The temperature has been in the 50s for the last two days so it has been manageable but tomorrow it will be in the 30s.  Yikes.  Looks like I will need to pull more blankets out of the closet.

When I got home from work, I opened the garage door like I do every night.  But tonight was different.  There was a bird flying around.  He (I am just assuming it is a boy bird…I named him Joe) scared the crap out of me.  Mike opened the door into the house and I screamed to close it as fast as he could.  All we needed was a bird flying around the house.  The bird then decided to perch on the top of the new fridge in the garage and refused to move.  Awesome.  At this point we were at a complete and total loss for what to do…so I called my dad.  He offered some good advice, and used it as another opportunity to remind me about the time I was less than zero help when a chipmunk was loose in their house. That is a classic Holt family story that we still talk about regularly.

We tried a couple different approaches but finally decided to help guide him out of the garage was the best bet.  This is when a broom with a very long handle came into play.  Mike gently touched the bird and he decided to fly to the ground and start walking, not flying, towards the outside.  I almost peed my pants watching Mike gently push the bird with a broom towards the outside.  It was like he was curling (the ridiculous Olympic sport I can never get enough of) the bird out the garage.  He was finally successful and I shut the door before he could come back in.

With that nonsense over with, I finally made it into the house and went through the mail.  That’s when I opened the package that had arrived from Amazon.  I was expecting a couple gifts that we ordered for my nephew and instead found an ankle support with a cobra-snake on it.  I kid you not.  To say that is not even close to a Knock Knock joke book is an understatement.  Fortunately, Amazon has great Customer Service and a quick chat with Vicky solved the issue and our correct package is on the way.

What a Monday.

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