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It’s PopSugar time!

on September 20, 2015

Next to my beloved StitchFix deliveries my PopSugar deliveries are my favorite time of month.

Each month I get a delivery of great skincare, makeup, snacks, jewelry, cute bags, etc. The types of items you are sent each time varies but there is usually 5-7 items and their value far exceeds the $39+tax charge.

I do my best to not spoil the surprise each month, unlike my StitchFix, where I have zero control of myself. I used to google to find blogs where people did reveals but I realized it is more fun to dig into the box to see what was included. So…if you do PopSugar and haven’t received your September box you should stop reading now 😊

Here is a picture of how the items are packaged

The card included gives you a description of each of the items included and the  suggested retail price

Here is a picture of everything included 

Here are close-ups of each of the items

I love when they include travel related items. This one is two bags inside of another bag. Score! The black and white bags can be used to store your shoes in one and your bras in the other. The clear plastic bag meets the TSA requirements for carry-on.

The next item is a great pair of earrings in the cutest bottle. They are made from recycled brass and coated in 14k gold.

The next item was this awesome brow kit from Too Faced. PopSugar usually includes coupons from the companies that are represented in the box which makes it easier to buy more of the items you discover you love.

The cuticle oil is a product that I would never go out and buy but now that I have it I am happy to have it. This is one of the things I really love about the service.

This leave-in conditioner is another item that falls into the “I wouldn’t necessarily buy it but now that I have it, I’m happy about it.”

Last but not least is this snack pack that was included. Mike is usually the lucky recipient of the snack that is included each month.

If you want to give it a try, you can use my referral link and I can get credit toward a free box. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comments below!

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