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A Symphony of StitchFix Stripes…in Yoga Pants

on January 2, 2016

Well, it is time for another StitchFix reveal. Truth be told, this is actually a combination of two fixes. I had two fixes arrive in December and with the chaos of the holidays I never got a chance to post when the first one arrived.

Stripes were definitely a common thread in these two fixes, and I was okay with it. Teresa, my stylist, even called it out that she was including a lot of stripes and let me know I can tell her when enough is enough.

As a public service, I am also showing how all of these pieces look with yoga pants 🙂 Part of this was pure and utter laziness on my part since I am writing this post on a lazy Saturday and just could not bring myself to put on jeans. At the same time, I think it nice to show how the pieces work with yoga pants. Let’s all be honest for a moment…yoga pants are a part of life!

Ok…on to the pieces I received.

The first one is the Papermoon Cresson Knit Top.


This is a piece that I had pinned on my Pinterest board and Teresa was able to locate it for me. I like how it is a bit longer in the back and I like the contrast of the stripes and the solid color sleeves.

The next piece is the Loveappella Kiana Crew Neck Knit Top.


The material on this one is SOOOO soft. That is a really big thing for me and the pieces I decide to keep. The thing I love about this top is that it looks good styled casually….like with yoga pants 🙂 but it is also something that I am able to wear to work under a blazer. And did I mention how soft it is?

This piece is by Tart and it is the Milla Crew Neck Knit Top.


This is another top that is really soft and I love the mustard color details on the neck and sleeves. Gives it a little something something.

I have learned that I really like the sweaters from Lemon Tart and Teresa was able to send me two in my last fix. One of them didn’t work out, which was so sad since it had the cutest zipper details but I kept this one. This is the Kienna Patch Detail Pullover Sweater.


I liked the patches on this one as well as the orange/rust colored detail on the bottom, neck and sleeves. It was a definite keeper.

The last piece is not stripped(!) but I still wanted to feature it in this post. I loved this cardigan so much in my last fix that I asked Teresa to include another one in this fix. It is the 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan. I now have it in navy and this great color.


This will be a great piece for both work and lounging around the house.

I hope you loved the pieces I received in these last two fixes. I might have another fix coming this week…check back in to see what I receive next!

One of the things that I love about StitchFix, besides the awesome clothes and accessories is the interaction I have in social media with other StitchFix lovers and bloggers. One of my favorites is Maria and her blog Crazy Together. Check out her blog and check out some of the other bloggers that are linked up to her latest post.


Enjoy! and talk soon!


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