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A Stitch-Fix Milestone

on February 5, 2016

#25. Yup, Fix #25 showed up yesterday. My first thought was “that’s cool.” My second thought was “hmm…I have only been doing Stitch Fix for a year…and there are only 12 months in a year…hmm.” A minor detail and quite frankly I have never been good at math so maybe that works out ok 🙂

I have been very lucky to work with my stylist BFF, Teresa, for 24 out of my 25 fixes. The great thing with working with the same person is that she really gets to know me and I what I like, even when I am lazy and forget to pin things to my Pinterest board.

The first item in this Fix was the Market & Spruce Lawford Knit Top ($58)

IMG_2471I have to come realize that I have a soft spot for shirts that have a little extra something-something to them. This one has “leather” detailing at the neck and on the buttons on the sleeves. I also LOVE navy so this one is a definite keeper.

I tried on the next two pieces together. The pieces are the Fate Gradon Sheer Raglan Seam Sweater ($64) and the Market & Spruce Anise Vest ($78)


The sweater just didn’t do anything for me. I appreciate Teresa sending me a sweater in a longer length (which is what I had been asking for) but it just felt a little bland. Remember how I said I like shirts with a little something-something? This one was definitely missing it. So back it is going. I loved the vest, and had something similar pinned to my Pinterest board. But (insert sad face here) the vest was way too tight across the chest so this one is going back too.

I do love the Loveappella line of clothes and Teresa has sent me quite a few over the past year. I wanted to love this one, the Malbec Elbow Patch Knit Top ($58) but there was one thing that bothered me and I just couldn’t get over.

I don’t know if you can see it in these pictures but the stripes on the bottom band don’t line up correctly with the stripes on the rest of the shirt. I really did love this one but I knew it would drive my obsessive-compulsive self crazy over time.

The last item is this fix is the Moda Luxe Brooks Crossbody Bag ($58).


I love the color and the shape so this one is a definite keeper. Of course, if I buy any more bags we are going to have to move into a new house 🙂

What did you think of this fix? I was really happy with it overall and everything I received is something that fits into my style profile.

Want to see some more great fixes? Take a trip over to my friend Maria’s blog, Crazy Together, and see what she got this time around.






2 responses to “A Stitch-Fix Milestone

  1. Totally love the arm patch fad going on but your right something is just off about the stripes and it would drive me bonkers too. I’m not a vest girl so that I can’t really comment about. The leather lined top is fab and a keeper as is that plum purse. Love, love, love that plum color!

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