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Ice, Damn

It is no secret that the New England winter of 2015 was brutal.  Day after day of snow (well, blizzards actually) and freezing temperatures.  Both of these things are recipes for disaster for roofs and gutters and our house was, unfortunately, not left unscathed.  Long story short, the ice formed and forced its way into our house, taking over walls, ceilings and almost all of the flooring in the process. Awesome.

We did what we could do stop the damage, with Mike spending many a night raking the roof (a term we were not familiar with before January) and throwing pantyhose full of calcium chloride on our roof.  Yup, that is an actual thing.  We like to think that both of these activities helped to minimize the damage but the amount of snow was just too much for the roof and gutters to handle.

So, here we are, a couple months later, and we are temporarily living in a hotel. Why a hotel you ask?  Well, if your ceiling, living room and bedroom looked like this you would want to be in a hotel as well. Oh, yeah, and there are no floors, which is also less than ideal

Our bedroom

Our bedroom


Our living room before the floors were ripped out


The ceiling over the stairs

The work is coming along and hopefully we will back home again soon.  We keep reminding ourselves that it is going to look great when it is all done but yikes, what a process this has been.  Between the insurance claims and finding a contractor that had availability it has been quite intense.

So, while walls are ripped to the studs and all of the flooring is pulled up we are staying in a hotel.  The trick was finding a hotel that the kitties could stay at as well.  Thank goodness for Hampton Inn and their pet policy.  So, for the last week and up to two weeks more this is our home.  It’s cozy but at least the four of us get to stay together.

A couple things I have learned while staying in the hotel.


Chewy hanging out on their new perch in the hotel room

1.  The cats sleep, a lot.  Like all day every day.  I have been working out of the hotel for the last couple days so I can be close to the house and can run over at lunchtime to meet with our contractor.  So, the cats and I are spending lots of quality time but I am enjoying it.

2. You will find any excuse to go to Target, just to get out of the room.  Like any excuse.  Case in point, tonight we went to buy face wash and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Oh, and a ginger ale from the snack bar.

3. Since we have the cats in the room, housekeeping does not come in to do a daily clean.  I get very excited when I hear housekeeping in the hallway and I know that is my signal to run the trash out to them and get new towels.  The lead housekeeper and I have a whole routine now.

Wish us luck over the next couple weeks and I look forward to posting lots of “after” pictures.

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