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A Symphony of StitchFix Stripes…in Yoga Pants

Well, it is time for another StitchFix reveal. Truth be told, this is actually a combination of two fixes. I had two fixes arrive in December and with the chaos of the holidays I never got a chance to post when the first one arrived.

Stripes were definitely a common thread in these two fixes, and I was okay with it. Teresa, my stylist, even called it out that she was including a lot of stripes and let me know I can tell her when enough is enough.

As a public service, I am also showing how all of these pieces look with yoga pants 🙂 Part of this was pure and utter laziness on my part since I am writing this post on a lazy Saturday and just could not bring myself to put on jeans. At the same time, I think it nice to show how the pieces work with yoga pants. Let’s all be honest for a moment…yoga pants are a part of life!

Ok…on to the pieces I received.

The first one is the Papermoon Cresson Knit Top.


This is a piece that I had pinned on my Pinterest board and Teresa was able to locate it for me. I like how it is a bit longer in the back and I like the contrast of the stripes and the solid color sleeves.

The next piece is the Loveappella Kiana Crew Neck Knit Top.


The material on this one is SOOOO soft. That is a really big thing for me and the pieces I decide to keep. The thing I love about this top is that it looks good styled casually….like with yoga pants 🙂 but it is also something that I am able to wear to work under a blazer. And did I mention how soft it is?

This piece is by Tart and it is the Milla Crew Neck Knit Top.


This is another top that is really soft and I love the mustard color details on the neck and sleeves. Gives it a little something something.

I have learned that I really like the sweaters from Lemon Tart and Teresa was able to send me two in my last fix. One of them didn’t work out, which was so sad since it had the cutest zipper details but I kept this one. This is the Kienna Patch Detail Pullover Sweater.


I liked the patches on this one as well as the orange/rust colored detail on the bottom, neck and sleeves. It was a definite keeper.

The last piece is not stripped(!) but I still wanted to feature it in this post. I loved this cardigan so much in my last fix that I asked Teresa to include another one in this fix. It is the 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan. I now have it in navy and this great color.


This will be a great piece for both work and lounging around the house.

I hope you loved the pieces I received in these last two fixes. I might have another fix coming this week…check back in to see what I receive next!

One of the things that I love about StitchFix, besides the awesome clothes and accessories is the interaction I have in social media with other StitchFix lovers and bloggers. One of my favorites is Maria and her blog Crazy Together. Check out her blog and check out some of the other bloggers that are linked up to her latest post.


Enjoy! and talk soon!


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The most magical time of the month!

Anyone that has been to my blog knows about my love of StitchFix, a wonderful service that magically delivers clothes to your doorstep. Ok, maybe it is not actually magic…but close. If you have any questions on how the service works, please leave a comment and I will be happy to fill you in!

Before I start on filling you in about my latest Fix I wanted to fill you in on two other things.

  1. I created a Facebook page dedicated to my StitchFix posts, my other blog posts, and goings-on in my Etsy store. Search for me on Facebook under Chai And Cow and join in on the fun!
  2. I have a link-up to a fellow blogger friend below. You can click on the link and go on over to her blog, Crazy Together. She always has great posts!

Ok…on with the show!

Full disclosure, the clothes in this fix are actually a combination of two separate fixes. I may or may not have gotten two this month (whoops!). There were a couple pieces I really liked but the fit just wasn’t right so back they went to magical StitchFix land. That is one of the things I love about the service, just how darn easy it is to return things that don’t work for you.

For the past two fixes I have asked Teresa to focus on sweaters and pants and she has definitely delivered. Trying to find long pants in always a challenge for me and Teresa has done a great job finding a couple different options. Once I find a style I like, I usually request them in as many colors as she can find!

This month she sent me the Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant. LOVE them. They are super long and very comfortable. I knew these were a keeper as soon as I tried them on. They were $78, which I thought was a good price point for these pants and with this particular fix I kept everything so I also got 25% off. Bonus! And in this picture I also have on the RD Style Bliss Cowl Neck Sweater ($78). It is so comfy and warm. I know it will get a lot of good use this winter.

IMG_2028Teresa sent me a couple more sweaters and they are both definite keepers. The first is the RD Style Jolee Turtle Neck Sweater in Burgundy ($68). It was a bit tough to get the color to show through in the selfie I took so I took another close-up picture. The necklace is from White House Black Market.

IMG_2030 IMG_2036

Here is the Pixley Nilia Button Back Sweater ($68). This one has a really interesting back to it that I really liked.

IMG_2038 IMG_2039

Last, but certainly not least, is this awesome bag! Teresa never fails to surprise me with new, fun and interesting bags. It is the Urban Expressions Amherst Multi-Zip Tote ($68) in RED! I love the color and I don’t have anything like it in my closet so I am very excited about this one. And it is a great size to use as a work bag as well. And look at the inside! Swoon!

IMG_2040 IMG_2041

As promised above here is a link-up to one of my blog friends? Check out my friend Maria’s post on her latest Fix. And why you are there, take a look around her blog. She has some great posts!


I would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment! Til next time!


It’s fall y’all

Brr! It is definitely fall in New England. Today was one of those hot chocolate (Starbucks – tall with whip) and a scarf kind of day…and I am ok with it. Fall is one of my favorite times of year. It is just a matter of weeks until my beloved Thanksgiving issue of Food Network Magazine arrives and I can officially start planning my Thanksgiving day menu. I have, of course, already started pinning things to my Thanksgiving Pinterest board.

I figured today would be a good day to do the official fall/winter clothes switchover in my closet. I was sad to put the capris and maxi dresses away but happy to pull out the sweaters and scarves. And it meant that I was able to make room for the new pieces that came in yesterday in my October StitchFix delivery.

Anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, knows that I am a huge cheerleader for StitchFix. Not only is it convenient (it magically shows up at your house!), but it helps me to step outside of my comfort zone for clothes. Each fix comes with a style card that shows me a couple different ways to wear the clothes. I make notes, in my phone, from the style cards and when I do find myself at Target (swoon, Target) or heaven forbid…the mall, I have a shopping list to follow.

I have learned that it is not necessary to spend a ton of money on some of the basics, especially tanks and t-shirts. During my Target run today I found some great tank tops, 2 for $16, and some awesome boot socks that look so adorable with my skinny jeans and favorite Franco Sarto black boots.

For anyone new to StitchFix, it is so important to actually try on EVERYTHING that comes in your fix. You will be surprised how some pieces look so much better on. And it is important to actually style the piece, like it shows you on the card or like your stylist suggests. I have been lucky enough to work with the same stylist each time and she rocks! Teresa, if you are reading this…thank you!  If you just try the shirt on with yoga pants it is never going to look as good as trying it on with some jeans, shoes, and jewelry. Trust me on this one. Give each piece a chance.

So, here is what came in this month’s fix. Make sure to check out the link below to a fellow blogger who has awesome StitchFix posts. I have been following Maria for awhile now and she is hosting a blog link-up so you can see even more great pieces.

Pixley – Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan – $48

Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan

This cardigan is the perfect example of why it is so important to try on the piece as part of an actual outfit. When I first pulled it out of the box I was a little underwhelmed. Then I tried it on with a tank, belt and jewelry and it became a definite keeper.

The second piece was the Market & Spruce – Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top – $48

Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman

I tried this one on with a lace camp underneath and it gave it that little extra something-something that it needed.

Next up is the Skies are Blue – Hillsboro Mixed Material Hem Knit Top – $54 along with the Level 99 – Giovanni Straight Leg Jean – $98

Hillsboro Mixed Material & Giovanni Straight Leg Jean

I really liked this top and took Teresa’s suggestion to pair it with the Giovanni Jean. They are a great forest green color that is perfect for the fall. Yes, the jeans are pricey, but because I kept all 5 pieces in this fix I was able to save 25% off the entire purchase. Whoo hoo!

The last piece in this fix was the Street Level – Alder Zip Top Tote – $58

Alder Zip Top Tote

I love the navy color and this will be a great bag to bring back and forth to work.

If you haven’t already, give StitchFix a try. And check out my Pinterest boards dedicated to StitchFix. This board is dedicated to items that I would like Teresa to send to me. And this board is dedicated to items that I already received.

And make sure to check out Maria’s blog to see the great things she got in her fix!


If you use my referral link, then I will receive a $25 credit towards my next fix. Let me know what you think about this fix or your own fix in the comments below!

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It’s Stitch Fix time again!!

Once again, my Stitch Fix stylist hit it out of the park with the choices that she sent me this month.  She let me know that this month she focused on getting me some items I had pinned on my Stitch Fix Pinterest board instead of sending me outfits.  That worked for me as I had been hoping to get some of these pieces for some time. The first item was the Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket.  I had wanted a denim jacket after seeing some really cute outfits posted on Pinterest.  This one will go great with a maxi dress that was in my last Fix.

Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket

Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket

The next item in my fix was the Gabe Maxi Skirt.  This will be perfect for the summer.

Gabe Maxi Skirt

Gabe Maxi Skirt

I LOVE the bags that Stitch Fix has in their inventory.  So many cool shapes, styles and colors.  This is the one that I got in this fix and I am really happy with it.

Herman Structured Cross Body Bag

Herman Structured Cross Body Bag

The Lyndrel knit top was another item that i had pinned on my board and my stylist came through with including it in this month’s Fix.  It is really comfortable and I like how it is a bit longer in the back.

Lyndrel Knit Top

Lyndrel Knit Top

I loved this last top but it was just a little too tight at the chest.  But, instead of sending it back, I gifted it to my sister.  Stitch Fix has a great deal where if you keep all 5 items they give you a 25% discount off the whole purchase.  It was actually cheaper to keep the top and give it away than return it.  So that is just what I did!  A win/win situation.

Bixby Dot Print 3/4 Tab Sleeve Blouse

Bixby Dot Print 3/4 Tab Sleeve Blouse

I really can’t say enough good things about this service.  If you haven’t tried it yet, I definitely recommend it! Til next time!

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Stitch Fix Day!

Oh, how i love the day my Stitch Fix arrives.  If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix it is an awesome online personal stylist. I can’t recommend the service enough. The stylist I work with has really helped me to expand my wardrobe and try out things that I would never pick out for myself. I have actually got to the point that I do very little clothes shopping in an actual store. I would rather wait to see what I get in my next Fix.

I also strongly suggest creating a Pinterest board with things that you like. They really do take the time to look at it and try to find match for you.

This was a great overall fix. There was one item in the fix that I really didn’t care for at all but the rest of them were right in line with what I like to wear. I ended up returning one of the tops because it was way too boxy on me but it was a hard decision since the material was so soft. Seriously, it was like I was wearing a super soft pajama top.

Here is the first piece I decided to keep. It is the Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt. This is one that I had pinned and my stylist came through! It is also a super soft material and I can’t wait to wear it. In fact, I am going to wear it tomorrow!


The next piece is this awesome capris from Kut From the Kloth. They are the Siena style and will be perfect for the summer.


The last item I kept from this fix is the Street Level Morris Braided Handle Tote. Oh, how I love this bag. And the best part was there was a smaller bag inside. Bonus! This baby is going to get a lot of use both during the work week and on the weekends.


So, that is what I kept from this month’s fix. I had already put the two items I am returning in the postage paid envelope to ship back to Stitch Fix. I will try to remember to take pictures of everything coming in my next Fix…already scheduled for May 29th. Yay!

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I heart you StitchFix

One thing I have been doing a lot of these last couple months is buying clothes through StitchFix.

What is StitchFix you ask?  Only the best thing to happen to shopping in a long, long time.  The mall can be overwhelming…and don’t even get me started on trying to find things in Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  With StitchFix you work with an online stylist to find clothes that are just what you are looking for.  You start by filling out a really thorough profile.  You let them know all of your sizes, proportions, what you want to flaunt and what you don’t.  There is a place where you leave them a note, like if you have a special event coming up or a trip so they can pick items especially for that occasion.  AND….if you have a Pinterest account you can link it up to your profile.  You can pin clothes that you like and get this…they try to find either that exact item or something similar.  I.LOVE.IT.  One of my new favorite activities is pinning clothes to a board for my stylist to look at.

It is a super easy process.  You choose the frequency, and the price points for the clothes you want them to choose for you.  They charge a $20 styling fee but if you buy something they apply it to the purchase.  You pick a date for your first shipment and wait impatiently for it to arrive.  Once the clothes arrive you have three days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back.  Sending something back?  No worries, they provide a postage paid envelope that you put the clothes in and bring to the post office.  Easy peasy.  And if you decide to keep all of the items, you get 25% off the total purchase.

Here is a link to my StitchFix inspiration board and here is a link to the board that shows items I have already received (and purchased).  This will give you an idea of the kind of clothes they might send.

Right now I am getting a Fix every 3 weeks or so, because I have a ton of travel coming up for both work and fun.  When I see this box on the doorstep, I get pretty excited.


Everything is carefully packaged


And then the fun begins, seeing what they included.  Each package comes with a note from the stylist and pictures showing two different ways to style the piece


And here is what I kept.  I have gotten so many compliments on the bag.  It is a great size and such a great color.

image4 image3 image7

I really liked the jacket but it was just a little small so I asked them to send it one size bigger with my next fix.  I also liked the sweater but I have another similar sweater so I returned it.

If you decide to try it let me know what you think! If you click on the StitchFix link in my post, I will get a referral credit. So if you are so inclined, click away!


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